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Essence Industrial Company, founded in 1984, specializes in screws and fasteners in Hong Kong. Under the long-term development plan, our company began to invest in Chinese mainland in 1987. By virtue of years of professional experience, we employed talents in diversified fields and introduced internationally advanced production equipment to set up our fastener production base, Shantou Essence Screw Industrial Co., Ltd



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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of precision screws

Precision screw is a kind of high-precision fastener, which is widely used in automobile, aviation, electronics, optics, instrumentation and other fields. Its main advantages and disadvantages are as follows: Advantages: 1. High precision: Precision screws are machined with high-precision machinery, with very precise diameters and lengths, which can ensure the quality and stability of fasteners. 2. Strong wear resistance: Precision screws are usually made of high-strength materials with strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can ensure the service life of fasteners. 3. Safe and reliable: The design and manufacturing of precision screws comply with international standards, with good safety and reliability, and are suitable for various high-precision and high safety requirements occasions. Disadvantages: 1. High cost: The manufacturing process of precision screws is relatively complex, requiring high-precision processing equipment and precision testing instruments, resulting in relatively high costs. 2. Easy to be damaged: Due to the high precision of precision screws, their structure is relatively fragile and easily damaged during use. 3. Long production cycle: Precision screws require a very strict manufacturing process and testing process, so their production cycle is relatively long and may have a certain impact on production efficiency.


What are the main advantages and disadvantages of precision screws


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